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MAX-Engineering-Design-PlansENVI one of the certified firm based in Beirut Lebanon provides engineering and environmental solutions offering lucrative value to clients within specified deadline, Expertise in all trades of MEP, Hydro and Thermal works. Proficiency lies in combining the professional experience of the executed projects with extensive experience in designing and studies modern facilities and covers a wide spectrum of specialized knowledge, including we are keeping up with the evolution and following latest standards and technologies.


Our Strength

1- Ability to find complex of technical, engineering and environmental solutions.
2- An experienced and interactive team that provides technical support and our commitment to deadline is absolute.
3- Expertise in concepts selection, skills in choosing and taking correct decisions
4- We have large practical experience in applying and constructing projects that are considered highly developed.
5- We are updated with the technological development and try to integrate it in the work field, plus that, we always follow the latest international standards
6- The administration persists on checking the studies and a research constructed and gives the work team instructions to follow.
7- We care about and appreciate all projects that are given to us no matter how big or small they were.
8- An organized structure that ensures quality and consistency in applying the projects and their development.

Disinfection and special cleaning

main_banner-main-kitchen-cleaning (1)ENVI clean Specialist Hygiene is only one Lebanese Est. providing of specialized deep cleaning and specialist industrial cleaning and disinfection services using our special instruments. An extensive range of solutions have been tailored to ensure that your organization can provide a high level of hygiene and that hazardous situations can be eliminated without any potential risk to human health. A comprehensive range of expert cleaning services are available helping to improve the overall hygiene standard or your premises as well as enhancing its appearance. These comprise of complex high level cleaning of external and internal surfaces of retail outlets, industrial warehouses and food manufacturing facilities, restaurant and industrial kitchens, banks and ATMs machines.


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