Pest Prevention for Hotels & Leisure Centers


Bed bugs are a major risk to all hotels nowadays even 5*  with an increase in international travel. Although the majority of people believe that having bed bugs is indicative of poor hygiene, this is not true. An incidence of bed bugs is down to bad luck.  Bed bugs are also believed to be spread via buses, shopping centers, etc. more than likely to be used by your guests while they explore the countries. Although bed bugs are not known to spread diseases they are very unpleasant for your guests. Negative reviews on websites can quite quickly affect your bookings. Bed bug infestations increase at a fairly slow rate in comparison to other pests. Quite often you will have had a problem for some time before it is reported to you. Because it is almost impossible to prevent bed bug infestations we can train your staff to spot the early signs of infestation.


In a hotel is essential to have perfect hygiene and carefully clean. And one of the most important parts to maintain correct hygiene is pest control.

Pest control in hotels is more complex than other areas such as households and even the restaurants, because in a hotel on a large scale are given all the different environments where insects may reside. Kitchen, laundry, lounge, restaurant, gardens.

The great quantity and variety of hosts facilitates the dispersion of the pest species, This diversity of spaces is what makes the actions of pest control in hotels require greater financial and time investment.Gym

If you are running a busy leisure center or hotel with a full range of services including a swimming pool, you will already know that cockroaches love heated pipes and are great climbers.

Keeping cockroaches infestations at bay is challenging. Using insecticides without locating the source of the problem and improving hygiene will have a limited effect.

Reoccurring treatments can cause resistance in the population which will make further problems increasingly difficult to treat.

piscine-carree_w641h478We understand that your facilities need to remain open from early morning to late at night so we are able to work out of your hours. Quite often fogging treatments are carried out in the middle of the night so your facilities are safe to use the following morning.

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